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How to Create Your UX/UI Portfolio (Without Much Experience)

How to find projects · Tell the story · What not to include · The best portfolio inspiration

Why Beginning Designers Don't Need to Learn Grids, Type Scales, or Color Theory (and other “Designer Dogma”)

Grids in a world where no screen ever stays the same size · The golden ratio is not the answer · Adjusting colors like facebook · Pick-a-number fatigue

3 Pro Tips on Alignment

The right edge of left-aligned text · Centering is still aligning · Hanging punctuation and friends

5 Practical Exercises to Learn UI Design (For Free)

Designing vs. reading about design · Building your gut instinct · Learning from the pros · Developing a working knowledge of fonts · Style tiles · Putting it all together

The Squint Test: Making Your Design Better Since Today (UI Case Study)

The squint test · Don't make a good design on accident · The CRUD strategy · Keep the criminal at the scene of the crime

The King vs. Pawn Game of UI Design

Using a chess exercise to create better UI · Matching typography and color · Principles of lighting and shadows · Matching icons and typography

Redesigning a Login Screen (UI Case Study)

A step-by-step redesign of a login screen · Covers a handful of design tips and tricks for you to use in your own redesigns

Font Sizes in UI Design: The Complete Guide

Font size guidelines for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Material Design, and web (mobile and desktop) · Principles of choosing font sizes · Further reading

Picking Colors for Your Data Visualizations

Multi-hue palettes · Single-hue color scales · Divergent (two-hue) color scales

The HSB Color System: A Practitioner's Primer

Hue, saturation, and brightness, explained · Color variations with hue · Adjusting visibility with saturation · Black vs. white · HSL vs HSB

6 Ways to Justify Font Choices in Your Designs

Branding and adjectives · Historical usage and inspiration · Fonts have features too · Superfamilies and workhorses

UI vs. UX: A Concise Explanation

You would think there's a clear, accessible definition of this somewhere. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it.

The Reframe Technique

Analyzing your process to beat tricky interface problems · Local vs. global maxima of design solutions

Color in UI Design: A (Practical) Framework

The importance of color variations · Darker vs. lighter variations · Analyzing the real world · The Rules (in HSB) · Luminosity · The Way of Color

Copywork: The Ultimate Way to Rapidly Improve Your Design Skills

Getting inspiration from top designs · Adding to your UI bag of techniques · What I've learned from copywork · Frequently asked questions

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 2)

How to safely overlay text on images · Making text pop – and un-pop · Only use good fonts · Steal like an artist

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1)

Light comes from the sky · Black and white first · Double your whitespace